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Apply for a Licensee List

    In order to protect the privacy of its licensees (both individuals and entities), DOPL no longer includes telephone numbers or mailing addresses on the lists of licensees it prepares for public dissemination. This information is classified as Exempt under Subsection 58-1-106(2) of the Utah Code and is further defined by rule (R156-1-106(2)). Please review both of these references before requesting a list of licensees.

    • You may submit a written request for exception to DOPL using DOPL-Form-16. If an exception is approved by DOPL, you will then need to complete the Professional Licensee List Order Form and submit it to Utah Interactive, the agent contracted to provide these lists. Questions about the privacy laws and exceptions should be directed to DOPL at (801) 530-6628 or DOPLWeb@utah.gov.

    • If you want to obtain a licensee list without addresses and phone numbers, complete the Professional Licensee List Order Form and submit it directly to Utah Interactive. Questions regarding list pricing and formatting should be directed to Utah Interactive at (801) 983-0275 or listmanager@utahinteractive.org.



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