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Controlled Substance Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Controlled Substances Advisory Committee is to serve as a consultative and advisory body to the Utah Legislature regarding the following: the movement of a controlled substance from one schedule to another; the removal of a controlled substance from any schedule; and the designation of a substance as a controlled substance and the placement of the substance in a designated schedule.  The committee is required to submit an annual written report to the Utah Legislature's Health and Human Services Interim Committee.

- Annual Report 2010
- Annual Report 2011
- Annual Report 2012
- Annual Report 2013
- Annual Report 2014
- Annual Report 2015
- Annual Report 2016



Controlled Substances Advisory Committee
Name First Appointed Term Expires
Mark A. Munger, Pharm. D.*
Dept. of Health Designee
10/14/2014 n/a
Erik D. Christensen MD
State Medical Examiner
11/16/2016 n/a
Major Brian Redd
Dept. of Public Safety Designee
02/23/2015 n/a
Andrea Kemper
Utah State Board of Pharmacy
07/01/2015 06/30/2017
Dentist and Dental Hygienist Licensing Board
Kenneth L. Schaecher, MD
Physicians Licensing Board
07/01/2013 06/30/2018
Scott Reed
Statewide Association of Prosecutors
06/07/2010 06/30/2018
Darin M. Vercillo, MD
MD - Appointed by Governor
08/05/2010 06/30/2018
Elizabeth Howell, MD
MD/Psychiatrist - Appointed by Governor
08/05/2010 06/30/2018
Glen R. Hanson
Substance Abuse Addiction - Appointed by Governor
08/05/2010 06/30/2018
Jeffrey V. Wright, ND
ND/Naturopathic Physician - Appointed By Governor
12/30/2010 06/30/2018
Blaine Winters, APRN
10/13/2011 06/30/2019

Lon G Buhler
Public Member

07/01/2016 06/30/2020
* Chairperson

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