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Attention Controlled Substance Database Users:

UPDATE: May 28

The integrity of the data submitted post April 24, 2017 has greatly increased. Daily information submitted is being accepted at 90-95% completeness.

The CSD staff is working to correct imcomplete data submitted from 3/10/2017 to approximately 4/24/2017.

Dispensers are being contacted via email to correct data submission issues. If you are aware that some of your data is missing, please contact the Database directly.


April 24

Due to the recent upgrade to the Controlled Substance Database (CSD), data searches may be incomplete.

Since March 10, 2017, data migration has experienced an increase of validation errors. This has resulted in prescription data not populating the database accurately.

Please keep in mind when making clinical decisions that information submitted to the Database since March 10th may not be included in reports, and all reports should be considered incomplete until further notice.

The CSD Staff is working to ensure data integrity, and has targeted Mid-April for all information to be corrected.

When the information is corrected, all missing information since March 10th should be included in future searches.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at: csd@utah.gov or 801-530-6220.


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