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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What does "DOPL" stand for?
Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing — DOPL
What are DOPL's office hours?
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. MST, excluding state holidays. Please note that fingerprinting services are available from 8:00 to 4:30 pm, applicants who arrive late in the day may be turned away. We are open during the lunch hour.  Our Internet site (www.dopl.utah.gov) is accessible 24 hours a day, every day.
What is DOPL's e-mail address?
What are DOPL's phone numbers?
Local and Out-of-State: (801) 530-6628
Toll-free in Utah: (866) 275-3675
What are DOPL's FAX numbers?
General: (801) 530-6511
Investigations: (801) 530-6301
Controlled Substance Database (801) 530-6315
What is DOPL's street address?
DOPL is located in the Heber M. Wells state office building at 160 East 300 South (also know as Broadway), Salt Lake City.  Our customer service counter is located on the south end of the main lobby on the first floor.

  Click here for a map and directions.
What is DOPL's mailing address?
US Postal Service:
    PO Box 146741
    Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6741

Express Delivery:
    160 East 300 South (Main Lobby)
    Salt Lake City, UT 84111
How do I get to your offices by vehicle?
I-15 from North: Exit at 600 North or 400 South
I-15 from South: Exit at 600 South
Go to 300 South. Drive East (toward the mountains) to State Street (100 East). DOPL is located in the Heber Wells Building about half-way between State Street and 200 East on the south side of the street. The state's Workforce Services building is West of the Heber Wells Building, and the two buildings share a common plaza.

  Click here for a map and directions.
Where can I park at your building?
Metered parking is located curbside all along 300 South in front of the building and on 200 East. Center-street parking is also available along 300 South between State Street and 300 East.
How do I get to your offices by bus?
Our office is located 1/2 block east of State Street on 300 S. To find the most direct route using bus, use the UTA Trip Planner.
How do I get to your offices by TRAX?
Blue and Green Line Trains: Get off at the Gallivan Plaza Station (near 300 South). Walk east along 300 South approximately one and a half blocks.
Red Line Trains: Get off at the Library Station (200 East). Walk one block north along 200 East to 300 South. Turn left (west) and walk about a half block to the main entrance of our building.
I need to send a payment to DOPL.  Who do I make my check out to?
Make all checks or money orders payable to "DOPL."  Please do not send cash by mail!
Does DOPL accept payment by debit or credit card?
Yes.  We accept American Express, Master Card and Visa for transactions on our web site and we can also accept payment for transactions completed at our front office. Additionally, we are able to accept payment for transactions where we have already received the appropriate application or forms in our offices. If you have questions about a debit or credit card payment for your transaction, please contact our Customer Service Unit at (801) 530-6628.
Can you tell me if you have received any complaints on someone?
Whether or not DOPL has received a complaint on a particular individual or company is not public information. Therefore, we cannot confirm nor deny the existence of any complaint. One reason for this is that our investigators must first determine the validity of all complaints and determine if disciplinary action is warranted. For example, a person who is at odds with a licensee may submit numerous erroneous complaints just to harm an innocent licensee.
Therefore, only disciplinary action (i.e. notice of agency action, petition, surrender, order) taken against a licensee or an unlicensed individual or company engaged in a regulated profession is available for public review. You can determine if disciplinary action has occurred through our online license verification system.
How do I register my business/business name?
DOPL does not register businesses or business names. We only license certain types of companies or firms engaged in regulated professions (i.e. contractors, CPA firms, funeral service establishments, etc).  You can register your business name and obtain your tax ID numbers through the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. You should also check with your local jurisdiction (city/county) to determine if they require you to have a local business license.  Look in the government pages of your local phone directory for the business licensing agency in your area.
How do I make a complaint about a licensee or an unlicensed individual practicing in a regulated occupation or profession?
The fastest way to file a complaint is to complete an online complaint form.  However, you may also file a complaint in writing at our front office or mail it to us at P.O. Box 146741, Salt Lake City, UT  84114-6741.
How can I become a member of a professional licensing board or commission?
Each year, DOPL notifies professional associations in Utah of upcoming board vacancies and solicits written nominations of interested individuals. Bona fide groups may be added to DOPL's professional association list by contacting the Division's Administrative Assistant:

Telephone: (801) 530-6628 / (866) 275-3675 (toll-free in Utah)
Mail: P.O. Box 146741, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6741
Email: DOPLWeb@Utah.gov

You may also use these delivery methods to nominate yourself or another qualified person for a board appointment. Such notification should include the nominee's qualifications in the form of a resume with any other appropriate supporting documentation.
Where can I find information about GRAMA and obtain a GRAMA form?
The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), went into effect in 1992. It sets forth guidelines for classifying information in government records based upon who has the right to access that information. The law also identifies the records management responsibilities of agencies, and the duties of State Archives and the State Records Committee. Use the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) form to submit your request.
Where can I find the Amendments to the building codes?
Amendment to the building codes can be found in the Uniform Building Standards Act Rules R156-15A.

General Information for DOPL Licensees and Applicants

What occupations, professions, or businesses need to apply with DOPL?
DOPL regulates over 60 occupations and professions. To determine if your occupation, profession, or business is regulated by the Department of Commerce, and DOPL in particular, please check this list.
Where can I obtain an application for licensure?
Applications are available from this web site on each respective profession's page. View the List of Professions
Where can I obtain copies of the statutes and rules?
All statutes and rules are also available on this web site on each respective profession's page. View the List of Professions
Do I have to complete the entire application?
Yes.  However, in order to increase efficiency and save costs, many DOPL applications are designed for multiple levels of the same license type or for similar license types.  For example, DOPL's plumber application can be used to apply for an apprentice, journeyman, or residential journeyman plumbing license.  Similarly the same nursing application can be used to apply for either an LPN or an RN license.  Therefore, some pages of an application may not apply to your particular situation.  If a section of the application does not apply to you, simply write "n/a." Carefully review all pages of the application.  Failure to complete a section or page will delay its processing and the approval of your license.
Why do I have to submit my Social Security Number on the application?
Your social security number is classified as a private record pursuant to Title 63, Chapter 2, Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA).  It is used as an individual identifier for our licensing database and for purposes of the child support enforcement pursuant to Subsection 78-32-17(4) and is mandatory pursuant to Subsection 58-1-301(1), Utah Code Ann., which implements the requirements of 42 U.S.C.666(a)(13).  An application that does not include a social security number is incomplete and cannot be processed.
Am I required to submit official transcripts, or can I submit copies?
DOPL will not accept copies of transcripts.  You must submit official copies from your college or university which indicate the degree earned, if applicable. Transcripts are considered “official” when they are sent directly from the school to DOPL or sealed in an envelope bearing the school’s stamp/seal on the envelope flap.
If I choose to withdraw my application will you refund the fees I paid?
No.  Fees submitted with an application are processing fees and are not refundable.
Once I submit my application, can I work until I get my license from DOPL?
No.  Applicants must wait until the application is processed and the license is issued to begin working. Additionally, some licensees are also required to wait until the license certificate is received to begin working.
How long does it take for DOPL to process my application?
Generally, DOPL requires 10 -15 working days (about 2 - 3 weeks) to process most applications. However, this time frame may be lengthened depending upon a number of key factors:
  • Failure to submit a complete application will certainly delay the processing of your application.  Be sure to review and comply with all application instructions.
  • DOPL work load varies throughout the year and is impacted by many factors, for example DOPL is very busy in the spring due to college graduations and the start of the building construction season.  Plan accordingly and apply as early as possible.
  • Some applications must be reviewed by the respective licensing board.  Since licensing boards meet only as necessary (monthly, quarterly, etc.), an application requiring board review may be delayed until the next scheduled board meeting.

DOPL strongly encourages all applicants for licensure to plan accordingly.  Please do not expect to submit an application and walk away with a license.  If you have an offer of employment requiring a license, plan to submit your application well in advance of your expected start date.  And, as stated above, be sure to submit a complete application -- the best solution to avoid unnecessary delays in the application process.
How long will you keep supporting documents without submitting an application for licensure?
This varies depending on the document. Please contact the licensing staff for your profession for more information.
Can I get a temporary license?
Temporary licenses are available to only a very small number of professions.  Review the application instruction pages of the license for which you are applying to determine if a temporary license is available.
How do I get a verification of licensure verification, certification, or letter of good standing?

The fastest method is to use our online   verification   system. You can do this by finding the license you would like to verify in our  Licensee Lookup & Verification System . Once located, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Obtain a License Verification" button. You will be prompted to enter the email address of where you would like the   verification   sent. You can enter as many emails as needed. There is a $5.00 fee for each email address you enter. Verifications that are sent directly from our website are   considered   primary source verification. IMPORTANT NOTE:  RN's, APRN's and LPN's must obtain verification of licensure through  Nursys .

Is it possible to get a license verification by mail instead of online?

Yes - however, please know that our online verification system is considered primary source information, contains the same information as our mailed verification, and most state board will accept it. 

Additionally , the online   verification   is an automated system which allows the verification to be sent within moments of the request being made. Mailed verifications are a manual process and can take 10-15 business days once the request is   received.   If you would still like to request a verification by mail, use  this form and there is a $20 fee.

How long does it take for my verification, certification, or letter of good standing of my Utah License to be sent to another state?
Online verifications are generally delieved within moments of the payment acceptance. Manual verifications take a minimum of 10-15 working days after the fees are paid.
Will a current copy of my license in another state work as a verification of licensure?
No, the verification must come from a state licensing agency. It must be on the state's letterhead and have the state seal.
Is there any way I can get my license sooner?
The best thing to do to get a license approved quickly is to ensure that the application you are submitting is complete, thorough, and accurate.  Therefore, please read all instruction pages carefully and completely comply with all requirements.
How can I determine if my application is approved?
The easiest way to determine if your application has been approved is to check our License Lookup and Verification web site.
My license was approved, so why haven't I received the certificate in the mail?
DOPL batch prints licenses several times a week.  They are mailed the following business day.  Please allow enough time for the license to go through the postal service (usually 5-7 working days).  If you still have not received it, contact our offices to ensure your address is correct.
How do I get a written a custodian of record?
Custodian of Record is a manual process, and the fee is $20.00.  Be sure to include your name as it appears on your license, your social security number or your license number, your complete mailing address, and a current phone number.  Also, indicate where you want us to mail the verification or if you intend to pick it up at our front offices.  (A staff member will call you when it is ready for pickup.) 
How can I obtain a duplicate copy of my license?
There are two ways to obtain a duplicate copy of your license:
  1. Send a written request to DOPL with a check or money order for $10.00 made payable to "DOPL." Please include your name (as it appears on your license), your license number, and your current address and phone number. Mail your request to DOPL, PO Box 146741, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6741. The duplicate license will be mailed to your address of record within 10 - 15 business days.
  2. Come to DOPL's main office located at 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah, to have the duplicate license immediately printed for you. You will be required to show picture ID, and you must pay the $10.00 reprint fee by cash, Visa, American Express or Master Card only.

Please Note: If you are an office manager, personal assistant, etc. of a licensee, you may request a copy of their license by providing written notice from the licensee that you are authorized to obtain a copy of the license on his or her behalf and provide a copy of his or her ID. You must also show picture ID verifying your own identity.

Additionally, only qualifying agents, owners, presidents, directors, board members, etc. may obtain a duplicate copy of a license belonging to a business (contractor, CPA firm, etc). Picture identification is required.

When do I renew my license?
Unlike many other states, Utah's license renewal schedule is not based on the licensee's date of initial licensure.  Under Utah's renewal system, all licenses in each profession expire as a group on the same day every two years. (Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are the exception, renewing annually.) Therefore, the length of a licensee's first renewal cycle depends on how far into the current renewal cycle initial licensure was obtained.  Each renewal cycle thereafter is for a full two years. Additionally, the fee paid with an application for licensure is an application-processing fee only.  It does not include a renewal fee.  Each licensee is responsible to renew licensure prior to the expiration date shown on the current license.  Renewal information is disseminated to each licensee at the licensee's last known address, as provided to DOPL, approximately two months prior to the expiration date shown on the license. Check our web site to determine occupation or profession renewal dates.
My license was up for renewal, but it expired.  Why didn't you contact me?
Approximately two months before the expiration date of the license, DOPL sends out one notice of license renewal to every licensee holding an active license.  These notices are mailed to each licensee at the address of record as submitted to DOPL by the licensee.  If you fail to notify DOPL directly of a change in mailing address, there is no guarantee that the notice of renewal will reach you.  It is your responsibility, as a licensee, to maintain a current address with DOPL and to make sure that the license is renewed before the expiration date.  If your address is incorrect, you will not receive renewal notices or other correspondence.  DOPL also recommends that you make particular note of the set renewal schedule for your occupation or profession.  If you have not received a notice of renewal within a few weeks of your license's expiration date, contact DOPL for instructions on how to proceed.
Can I inactivate my professional license?
Inactive status (as well as emeritus status) is available for a few select professions which allow for such by statute and if the license is active and in good standing.  If available, you must apply for this status by application and pay the applicable processing fees.  It is important to note that for most inactive licenses, the license holder must continue to pay renewal fees and meet other criteria.  If interested in such status, contact DOPL for more information and the specific requirements applicable to your profession type.
What forms of ID can be used for fingerprinting?
DOPL accepts Drivers Licenses and State ID cards issued by any US State, Military or Dependent Military ID, or passports from any country. All ID must be valid, and not expired. IDs that are damaged may be rejected.


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