The Division administers the following programs:

Controlled Substance Database (CSD)
Utah's Controlled Substance Database Program is a resource that assists prescribing practitioners and pharmacists in providing efficient care for their patients' and customers' usage of controlled substances.
Controlled Substance Advisory Committee
The Committee serves as a consultative and advisory body to the Utah Legislature regarding: the movement of a controlled substance from one schedule to another; the removal of a controlled substance from any schedule; and the designation of a substance as a controlled substance and the placement of the substance in a designated schedule.
The Prelitigation section expedites early evaluation and settlement, or other appropriate disposition, of malpractice claims. The Section's duties and responsibilities are to provide medical malpractice prelitigation hearing panels when properly requested by a party initiating a medical malpractice action.
Utah Recovery Assistance Program (URAP)
URAP is a professional recovery program to assist chemically dependent individuals who hold professional licenses. Individuals may come to the attention of URAP by either voluntarily coming forward, or as part of the investigation process of a complaint filed with the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.
Residence Lien Recovery Fund
The Utah Residence Lien Recovery Fund is an alternate payment source for contractors, laborers or suppliers whose liens are voided because a homeowner qualifies for protection under the Residence Lien Restriction and Lien Recovery Fund Act.
Uniform Building Codes
Each code cycle year, the Uniform Building Code Commission reviews all proposed codes and amendments and holds a public hearing to seek comments. The UBCC submits a report with its recommendation on code changes to the legislative Business and Labor Interim Committee.
Utah State Construction Registry
The Utah State Construction Registry (SCR) helps keep property owners and contractors informed of all parties that supply services, materials and/or equipment to a construction project. Through the SCR, property owners and contractors can list and stay informed about all parties that are expecting payment and have filed a preliminary notice to preserve their lien rights. Registry of all parties involved allows owners and contractors to use joint check agreements, direct pay arrangements, and/or lien releases to insure everyone gets paid and the property remains lien free.