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URAP - Utah Recovery Assistance Program

Program Overview

    The State of Utah has established a professional recovery program to assist chemically dependent individuals who hold professional licenses. The diversion program is titled the Utah Recovery Assistance Program ("URAP").

    Prior to participation, program candidates must meet certain defined criteria. During the course of the program, participants undergo rehabilitation and maintenance of recovery in a confidential environment and are generally able to maintain their license.

    Iindividuals may come to the attention of URAP by either voluntarily coming forward or as part of the investigation process of a complaint filed with the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.


Please Contact URAP

  • if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol;
  • if you have a patient with a professional license who needs help; or
  • if you know of another licensed professional who needs assistance.

You may remain anonymous.

You will receive information on what is expected of program participants, how DOPL ensures confidentiality, and what can be expected if participants successfully comply with the conditions agreed upon.

URAP Forms and Information


Useful Information from Others

Medication Certification

Contact Us

Charles W. Walton, M.D.
Program Manager
e-mail Dr Walton

Neena Bowen (MD, dentistry, vet, RT, RC)
(801) 530-6740

Sharon Bennett
(801) 530-6295

Sicily Hill (pharmacy)
(801) 530-6128

Mark Smith (nurse,mental health, social work, substance use counseors)
(801) 530-6428

KoriAnn Fausett (nurse)

(801) 530-6404 - FAX
P.O. Box 146741
Salt Lake City UT 84114-6741

For information regarding URAP's random urinalysis program contact Affinity at (877) 267-4304.

Important Notes

  • A diversionee has the right to counsel during negotioation for diversion, at the time of execution, and at each hearing before the director relating to a diversion agreement.
  • The charges against a licensee who successfully completes the requirements of the diversion agreement will be dismissed and the diversionee will no longer be subject to any action regarding the specified conduct.
  • Entrance into diversion is not a determination that the charges have been proven.
  • If failure to comply is occurs, DOPL shall proceed with the charges which resulted in the diversion agreement plus any additional charges of unprofessional conduct arising from the violation of the diversion agreement itself.

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Statutes and Rules

An individual may not enter the program if there is evidence that the individual:

  • previously participated in a diversion program for a similar offense in any jurisdiction
  • had a professional license disciplined by any jurisdiction
  • diverted drugs for the use of others
  • deprived patients of needed medications
  • committed a sexual boundary violation
  • committed abuse of power over another individual
  • performed invasive procedures while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • materially misrepresented or withheld facts
  • engaged in conduct that resulted in a felony conviction
  • engaged in conduct that resulted in two or more criminal convictions that stem from two or more unique events

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