Environmental Health Scientist

Exam Information

Exam Fee Changes Coming Soon! (Posted April 29, 2022)

Effective May 16, 2022, the Utah Environmental Health Scientist Law and Rule exam fees will be increasing by $10. For questions or comments regarding this change, please contact doplexams@utah.gov.

There are two classifications for Environmental Health Scientist in Utah: Environmental Health Scientist-In-Training and Environmental Health Scientist. Either classification requires you to take the Utah Environmental Health Scientist Law and Rule Examination. (Note: If you hold an active Utah Environmental Health Scientist-in-Training license, you have already taken this exam. You will not be required to take it again.) For more information about this exam, please review the Examination Information Bulletin .

To Schedule an Exam:

  • Create an account at https://provexam.com/scheduler/ .
  • Locations: These exams are available in all Prov testing sites and MOST college and university testing centers throughout Utah and the US.
  • Out-of-State Testing: To see if this option is available in your area, please contact the Prov call center at 877-228-3926.
  • Examination results will be electronically uploaded to DOPL from Prov.

If you have any additional QUESTIONS, CONCERNS, or COMPLAINTS that you are not able to address with the Exam Administrator mentioned above, you may contact doplexams@utah.gov.