Exam Information

Exam Fee Changes Coming Soon! (Posted April 29, 2022)

Effective May 16, 2022, the Utah Electrician exam fees will be increasing by $10. For questions or comments regarding this change, please contact doplexams@utah.gov.

There are four Electrician License classifications in Utah: Journeyman, Master, Residential Journeyman and Residential Master. The examinations required for each are listed below. Preapproval for testing is NOT required.

NOTE: Please do not submit your application for licensure until you have passed all required exams and have met all other licensing requirements.

Journeyman Electrician (JE)

Utah JE Code Exam
Utah JE Theory Exam
Utah Electrician Practical Exam (6 projects)

Master Electrician (ME)

Utah ME Code Exam
Utah ME Theory Exam
Utah Electrician Practical Exam (6 projects)*
*NOTE: Applicants for the ME license are not required to take the Practical exam if it was previously passed to receive a JE license.

Residential Journeyman Electrician (RJE)

Utah RJE Code Exam
Utah RJE Theory Exam
Utah Residential Electrician Practical Exam (4 projects)

Residential Master Electrician (RME)

Utah RME Code Exam
Utah RME Theory Exam
Utah Residential Electrician Practical Exam (4 projects) *
*NOTE: Applicants for the RME license are not required to take the Residential Practical Exam if they have previously passed any other practical exam.

To Schedule an Exam:

  • Register by going to the following link: https://provexam.com/scheduler and select "Self Registration". Select the certifying body "UT-Electrical", then select the appropriate exam class.
  • Out-of-State Testing: Contact Prov directly to make these arrangements. Their phone number is 877-228-3926.
  • At-Home Testing for written exams: You may also have the option of using an on-line proctoring test platform known as Examroom. To verify your computer equipment will run Examroom, please use this system check tool prior to registering for your exam: On-Line Proctoring System Check .
  • Electronic submission of exam results will be sent directly to DOPL from Prov.
  • For more information about these exams, please review: Candidate Information Bulletin

All questions, concerns or comments can be directed to doplexams@utah.gov.